Discover a new kind of eyewear

Lance Glasses‘ fourth successful release in a row on Kickstarter – your eyes are our utmost priority.

With an increasing number of screens raising havoc with our lives due to eye fatigue leading to constant headaches and migraines, Lance Glasses offers the undeniable solution through its newest collection of exquisite eco-frames, Lance Signature. These elaborate designs balance the need for a sturdy yet lightweight eco-frames and the latest technology lenses at affordable prices. The much-expected collection consists of 6 different styles available in 6 gorgeous finishes.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our newest project, Lance Signature!

This project will definitely spark your interest through its minimalist, high-quality and adaptable nature. Launch on March 1st, 2022 at 6 pm Paris Time.

About Lance Glasses

Lance is an independent eyewear brand committed to creating high-quality, handmade eyewear inspired by people and technology. Since the very beginning of Lance Glasses back in 2017, our aim was to innovate and combine the love for design with the latest technologies in order to create the best eyewear with smart lenses, at prices affordable to a wider range of people. Quality should not be optional, nor should it cost ridiculous amounts of money.

We have created timeless, light designs, suitable for wearing every day, all day long without feeling any discomfort: no margins, no harmful blue light, no eye strain. Lance’s belief is that glasses are an extension of your body, not a bothering issue that needs to be hidden. Lance Signature is not just “a pretty face”; starting from only $79, it is suitable for anyone, anywhere in the world: Blue Light, Correction, Fade or sun lenses & Bio Acetate and hypoallergenic materials convert these glasses into your eyes’ best daily ally.

When it comes to public appreciation, numbers do not lie – over 22 000 people loved Lance’s previous campaigns and are eager to see and buy new stuff time and again.

Manufacturing & Process

We only work with factories that share our values ​​of quality and integrity. We use the finest materials from leading suppliers in the industry. We consider that it is essential to manufacture our glasses ethically and, at the same time, to offer a fair price without sacrificing quality. As for the environmental impact, Lance is a new age company that focuses on doing things the right way and creating a business model based on a circular economy, both for the products and the reusable packaging.

At Lance, you buy a personalized product made especially for you. Therefore, our lenses are produced on request. No dead stocks, no recycled waste from lens cutting. At the same time, our company works with small batches for frames, buying only the necessary raw material that will be transformed, upon request, into the finished product. Unlike in our previous campaigns, this time, we decided only to use metal, leading to the reduction of a massive, up to 80% acetate waste we previously faced. To reduce the impact of transport with CO2 emissions, we centralize and realize everything in our laboratory, unlike traditional opticians.

The Team

The Lance team is a diverse yet compact group of designers, IT engineers, Industrial engineers and artists. This mix of people with expertise in various fields stimulates an interdisciplinary dialogue that helps Lance develop new perspectives on glasses. These new perspectives come as a response to our ever-changing lifestyle, generated by the constant evolution of technology. We enjoy personally supervising each and every step of the production chain, from mood boards until the end product.

When creative concepts meet technical expertise & specialized craftsmanship combined with advanced technologies, the Lance Airframes are born.

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