3 Tips for Hair Removal

TIP NO # 1: Use the correct technique

  1. Shaving is a hair removal technique that uses a razor or any other kind of bladed implement to cut your unwanted hair to the level of your skin. Men mainly practice shaving to remove their beards and women to remove their armpit and leg hair. The razor strokes must always be in the direction of hair growth. If you shave against the grain, your skin surface will break and get irritation, itching, inflammation, and infection. Longer strokes help avoid burns, cuts, nicks, and scrapes.
  2.  Exfoliation is beneficial in unclogging your pores. It removes dirt, grime, oil, and sebum off your skin. It clears your dead skin, which will clog your razor and lead to an uncomfortable and uneven shave.
  3. Hair trimming is the process of cutting your hair using a pair of scissors. When someone professional trims your hair, they will check the entire shape and ensure that the hairstyle matches your lifestyle. If your hair tends to overgrow in the summer months, more layers are needed to add style to your face.
  4. Chemical depilation is a razor-free shaving technique that can temporarily remove your unwanted hair at the surface level of your skin.
  5. Epilation completely removes your unwanted hair from its roots and is effective long-term. Laser treatment is its best example.

TIP NO # 2: Determine the right time

Dizon, a hair expert, says that trimming two centimeters or two inches of your hair is essential to maintain your hairstyle. She explained that a beard needs a shave when hair blades are two millimeters long.

When your hair appears to be dry or unshapely, it can help maintain the style after your hair texture changes from too much heat styling. Getting your hair trimmed to maintain the health of your hair should be just as important as keeping your skin looking good, she further adds.

Delaying can result in split ends, which look too ugly and unshapely. If you are waiting for the split ends, it is a sure sign that you have waited a little too long between your haircuts, she further explains. You should get a haircut every six to eight weeks.

TIP NO # 3: Wait for your perfect mood

You must never rush to shave first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up because your blood circulation is reduced during sleep. Instead, it is necessary to wait for at least a quarter of an hour before heading to pick up your razor, walk a few steps or do a few stretches first.

A hot steamy bath opens your pores and helps for a comfortable shave. You must soak for only two or three minutes and not more than ten minutes.

To sum up, you must use the correct hair removal technique, determine the right time and wait for your perfect mood.

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