Bottleless Water Dispenser

Nothing can be more pleasant than a glass of fresh water when you are thirsty and out of breath. Drinking lots of water is a natural remedy instead of expensive anti-aging treatments.

It facilitates the growth of enzymes that ensure your bone density and prevent muscle sprains and fractures. It distributes oxygen equally throughout your body. It has the strength to dissolve kidney stones. It balances your body’s PH level, boosts your energy and immunity.

a bottleless water dispenser

Types of bottleless water dispensers

1. Direct piping/point of use water dispenser

This is the easiest-to-use, safest, purest, and most cost-effective water dispenser. It requires no constant bottle change and is free of any contact with bacteria or dusty air. It requires permanent installation. It takes water from your home’s main supply, purifies it, and dispenses it through an automated tap.

2. Tabletop water dispenser

It is a compact-sized and lightweight water dispenser. You can place it literally anywhere, on top of your dining table, study table, dressing table, or office counter.

3. Wall-mounted water dispense

It needs electricity to run. You must install it above the reach of your kids and pets. It is connected to the main water supply of your home.

It has a water tank that refrigerates the water to give you an instant chilled water supply. Its older models had buttons or taps for manual filling of water into your glass. Modern ones use automated technology that has sensors to detect the movement of your fingers under the tap. These are perfect for public places as they save users’ time and have a bowl in the front to prevent spillage.

5 things to consider when buying a bottleless water dispenser

1. Backup operation safety

Backup operation safety allows your water dispenser to work even in power wattage. This feature makes it compatible with a solar battery when camping, having outdoor parties, sports events, or traveling.

2. Built-in leak detector monitor

The built-in leak detector monitors the water flow continuously from your home’s plumbing into the machine. It is a helpful feature as it will alert you in case of leakage to prevent short circuits and wastage of water.

3. Built-in nightlight

Built-in nightlight makes filling your glass in the dark a lot easier without turning on your light.

4. Built-in ice maker

If you are fond of cocktail parties and need ice cubes instantly, pick the dispenser with a built-in ice maker capable of freezing a dozen ice cubes within seven minutes. It will eliminate the need to open your freezer in hot weather.

5. Certified filters

You must check the carbon filters and sediment block filters certified by the NSF. Certified filters can last about one thousand and five hundred gallons of water for up to six months. They can hold up to seven hundred and fifty gallons of liquid in a single go.

To sum up, a bottleless water dispenser helps you stay healthy and fit as you can avoid the bacteria and odor of bottled water. Using it also helps save time.

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