Stars Who Decided On Plastic Surgery Before The Age Of 30

Some Hollywood stars are so obsessed with looking perfect and young that they undergo cosmetic surgery at a very young age. The idea of perfection leads some celebrities to go under the knife even before the age of 30. From Jennifer Gray’s rhinoplasty that left her unrecognizable at age 27 to Jamie Lee Curtis undergoing eye surgery, here are some celebrities stars who have had cosmetic surgery done before turning 30.

Victoria Beckham Went Under The Knife At The Age Of 18

Do you remember when Victoria Beckham sprouted a perky pair of headlights underneath her top? Although she denied having surgery, it was the worst kept secret ever! Victoria Beckham has always been open about her insecurities as a young woman. These insecurities led her to see a plastic surgeon at the age of 18, in which she opted for breast implants. However, a year later on, she admitted it in an open letter writer and warns others “Don’t mess with your boobs!”

Former Spice girl turned into a fashion designer, Victoria Beckham was tired of her surgically enhanced breasts and once again gone under the knife to reduce the size. Victoria, also known as ‘Posh’ felt that her enhanced assets didn’t fit in her new role as a mother of three and an upmarket fashion designer. She visited a surgeon in Los Angeles for her boob job and get her implants removed to give her a smaller size.

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