All about the stomach vacuum

When it comes to having a flat stomach and sculpting yourself properly, we often talk about the stomach vacuum. Literally, this term means, in French “to aspirate the stomach”. A term that can be a little scary, but still deserves attention. What exactly is the stomach vacuum? What are these benefits? And does this method really work for a flat stomach?

The stomach vacuum: a hypropressive abdominal system

In fact, the stomach vacuum is a hypropressive abdominal exercise that involves combining stretching and breathing. It is an exercise that is most often performed in yoga, pilates or even in a postnatal gym. This exercise specifically targets the depth of the abdominal straps, or the transverse muscle.

The goal of hypropressive abs is to build your abs and refine the body at the same time. The stomach vacuum is therefore a simpler and less sensational way to refine your silhouette. Indeed, it cannot be compared to intense cardio exercises. But still, the stomach vacuum is much more accessible. It is a gentle method which acts, nevertheless, in depth in order to guarantee better results.

How to perform the stomach vacuum?

Concretely, to perform the stomach vacuum exercise, you must play on your breathing and your perineum. In particular, you must know how to control your breathing. To do this, lie down on your back and make sure your pelvis is flat on the ground. This is the only position in which you can perform the stomach vacuum.

Once in this position, you need to take a deep breath while inflating your belly. Having reached the end of your inspiration, you must then exhale slowly while pressing your navel towards the spine and blocking the perineum, as if you were holding back urinating. You should then hold your breath for a few seconds before gently releasing everything.

What are the benefits of the stomach vacuum?

You probably already know, the stomach vacuum is the ideal exercise to have a flat stomach, because it strengthens the abdominal strap in depth. In addition, the stomach vacuum is also an exercise that promotes digestion. Indeed, by sucking the organs upwards, the stomach vacuum solicits the colon, the liver and the stomach. When you repeat this stomach vacuum exercise, you will therefore reduce the problems of constipation and bloating.

Besides this, this exercise is also good for health, as it strengthens the capacity of the lungs and muscle balance. In addition to the aesthetic side, the stomach vacuum therefore allows you to stay in shape. Finally, the stomach vacuum also strengthens the muscles of the legs, pecs and thighs. In this sense, it makes it possible to increase sports performance by maintaining a certain endurance during physical efforts.

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