Coffee: good or bad for your health?

Some of us cannot start our day without coffee. Indeed, for some people, coffee is the start of a new day. This is what boosts them and motivates them to face the day. Others, losing their motivation, even take coffee during the day to regain it. But is coffee really good for you?

What are the health dangers of coffee?

Insomnia and irritability

Too much coffee can cause insomnia and can make a person really irritable and vulnerable. This is due to its caffeine composition. Indeed, overconsumption of caffeine can stimulate and excite our brain to expose us to a high level of stress.

In high doses, coffee can therefore increase the heart rate and blood pressure. It is even a source of palpitation and tachycardia if one is not careful. In short, a strong dose of coffee will then make us so stressed and nervous that we will not even be able to sleep. In this sense, if you lack sleep, you will be more irritable.

The addiction

Coffee, when consumed in excess, can also be addictive. In this case, coffee can be compared to other drugs. Moreover, the overconsumption of coffee could, apparently, cause hallucinations similar to what one can experience while taking narcotics.

At the same time, the caffeine in coffee can easily get addicted. If you are used to drink coffee and refrain from drinking it for a day, the side effects can be dangerous. In particular, you may suffer from palpitations and migraines, but also shake and even become depressed.

What are the health benefits of coffee?

To prevent and fight against certain diseases

Studies have shown that moderate coffee consumption may protect against the development of certain cancers. These studies have shown that coffee reduced the risk of developing liver, endometrial, breast, prostate, pancreas and skin cancers between 7% and 25%.

Besides that, in good doses, coffee can also reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Basically, coffee is therefore for the heart when consumed in moderation. But still, this substance has the ability to reduce the chances of developing diabetes and diseases of aging.

For a better quality of life

Coffee is also known to improve the quality of life of the person who consumes it. More explicitly, consuming three to four cups of coffee per day could improve alertness and concentration. So if you’re having trouble staying alert or need to concentrate better while preparing a presentation, coffee can help.

Also, if you are athletic, coffee could have positive effects on your performance. More specifically, coffee will tend to preserve your glycogen reserves during exercise. In this sense, coffee will promote muscle contraction and act on adrenaline. Therefore, the coffee will allow you to feel less fatigue and to be more enduring.

To sum up, coffee is therefore a good ally if you want to gain strength, boost your brain and motivate you during the day. Coffee can also make you live longer by protecting you from certain illnesses. However, you should know how to limit your consumption to three to four cups per day. Beyond this dose, coffee can be really dangerous for health at the risk of causing disease and creating addiction.

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