How to relieve muscle knots?

No more muscle knots!

The pain and tenderness that one can feel following a muscle knot is incomparable. These muscle knots can appear as a result of fatigue, stress or poor posture. In addition to hurting, muscle knots also affect our quality of life by reducing our mobility. So what can be done to relieve them? Here are some tips that might help you.


In order to relieve the pain caused by the muscle knots as much as possible, it is important to relax the muscles. So, to relax tight muscles, stretching can help a lot.

To do this, stretch the painful area by making rotational movements, shrugging your shoulders, and doing rolls on your back. You can also perform other positions that stretch the painful area. However, try to do these stretches gently.

Massage: a great ally

Besides stretching, you can also have a massage or self-massage to relieve muscle knots. Massaging the contracted muscle will release the tension in the muscle in question.

The ideal would be to call a professional to insist on the painful area. On the other hand, if you do not have the possibility to do it, you can very well make yourself a self-massage. To do this, use your fingers to exert some pressure on the area. Then do circular movements and don’t forget to breathe deeply.

Heat to relieve pain

Heat therapy is also a solution to relieve muscle knots. This practice consists, more explicitly, in dilating the blood vessels via heat. This dilation will subsequently increase blood circulation.

When the blood begins to circulate well, the muscles will be better oxygenated. As a result, the muscle groups will be better supplied with nutrients and will relax. To adopt thermotherapy, you can use a hot water bottle, a self-heating patch, essential oils or simply hot water.

Adopt the right actions

The main cause of muscle knots is poor posture. In this sense, if you want to relieve this pain, you absolutely must adopt the right gestures. Always try to watch your posture and not stay static for too long.

Since muscle knots cannot stand a sedentary lifestyle at all, it is important to move. Do yoga, get up once in a while, and do some sport. This will relax your muscles and therefore relieve the pain caused by muscle knots. If the pain persists, we advise you to consult a doctor.

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