How to relieve heartburn?

After a meal that is too big or a meal that is too spicy, our tummy may not keep up. In this sense, it hurts, we feel burns in our stomach or even acid reflux that can reach the mouth. This feeling can be quite unpleasant and even painful, but then, how to relieve it? Here are some natural tips to remedy it.

What are the causes of stomach pain?

Besides large and overly spicy meals, there are other causes of an upset stomach. Indeed, there are several factors which can be the cause of the inflammation of the stomach. Being overweight, in particular, promotes increased pressure in the stomach. This in turn promotes the lifts. In addition, stress and fatigue will also increase acid secretion in the stomach and interfere with digestion.

But still, coffee, tobacco and alcohol have negative effects on the stomach lining. Which could cause heartburn. In addition, people who eat an unbalanced diet also tend to suffer from heartburn. In fact, a poor diet quickly tires digestive enzymes and damages the health of the stomach lining.

What natural remedies to relieve heartburn?


Fennel is known to relieve stomach acidity. Along with this, this seed also relieves bloating and improves digestive function. Fennel can be used in case your meal has been too heavy. To do this, take 150 ml of boiling water and infuse one to three grams of fennel seeds between five and ten minutes. Once done, filter the solution and drink one to two cups of it every day, excluding meals. This solution can be applied from the age of six.

The aloe vera

Apart from fennel, aloe vera is also an effective herb in relieving heartburn. In fact, aloe vera has healing and restorative properties. This allows it to fight against acidity and lesions in the stomach. In order to relieve your stomach pain, you can consume aloe vera in the form of a drinkable gel. The treatment should last two weeks, and you should consume two tablespoons of it every morning and every evening, without meals.

The Basilic

Finally, basil is a plant known for its anti-stress and anti-spasmodic benefits. Basil is really effective in treating gastritis and ulcers. Effectively, basil works on the two main sources of heartburn, namely digestion and stress. To do this, massage your stomach and stomach with basil essential oil combined with vegetable oil. The ideal would be to do the massage a few minutes before going to bed. At the same time, don’t forget to breathe deeply.

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