15 tips from everyday life, to be in better shape

Tired of this feeling of permanent tiredness, you have tried everything. You have chosen a new kind of diet, you are now doing physical exercises and sports, in short, you have tried everything, but you notice no improvement. Fatigue always stresses you. If this is the case, you will need to make some changes in your daily life. Apply these 15 simple and healthy habits to restore your vitality.

1. Bet on a good breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At breakfast, you can refuel after hours of fasting. It is therefore necessary to give the body all the vitality it needs to face the day. For information: What you take for breakfast is completely digested until about 16 hours. It is therefore possible to eat what we like during the first meal of the day. However, you must focus on healthy, nutritious foods. Ideally, your breakfast should consist of fruits, vegetables, egg whites, dairy products, whole grains and hot drink.

2. Eat well

We have to eat to give our body strength and health. We must prioritize the quality of the nutrients we bring to our bodies at each meal. For each of the three main meals, vitamins, minerals, good fat, protein, trace elements, etc. are consumed. For each of your meals, try one serving of meat, fish or egg, three servings of raw vegetables, a little wholegrain bread or wholegrain bread and two servings of fruit. Use vegetable oil and consume nuts and yogurt. In addition, you hydrogenate yourself properly.

3. Eat light

The secret of a restful night is the lightness of the dinner. In this popular nourishing proverb we are told that we should eat like a king at breakfast, as a prince at lunch and as poor at dinner. Therefore limit your food intake at dinner as much as possible. Ideally, you’re taking raw vegetables with you for dinner, as you need to boost your body with antioxidants to better perform the cell renewal phase and wake up in better shape the next day.

4. Avoid the meat

Nothing is more harmful to our body than a piece of meat that is in the digestive system during sleep. During our sleep, our digestive system slows down. However, the secret meat of corpse tissues is not well digested. These substances will poison the body and cause far more than a feeling of permanent fatigue. Avoid eating meat for dinner.

5. Turn off your monitors

The screens of our digital devices reflect what is called blue light. Blue light is a glowing radiation that affects our optic nerves. If we are affected too long, our ability to sleep is impaired. However, in our era of new technology, we can not do without our screens. To limit the damage, you must remove yourself from anything that appears on the screen 2 hours before bedtime.

6. Renew the air

The circulating air in the bedroom is loaded with dust and bacteria during the day. When the windows and the door are closed, the room temperature also rises slightly. On the one hand, polluted air affects your ability to fall asleep. On the other hand, the body must be a little cooler to fall asleep. It is therefore necessary to open the windows and the door before going to bed. If possible, mix the air in the bedroom with a fan.

7. Ventilate your office

Limited air fatigues you quickly because it restricts the oxygen supply to your body. So always make sure to open the windows of your office while you work. If you do not have enough office opening, suggest installing a VMC to your employer. It’s about your health and that of your colleagues. Also, take the time to air your head by looking out the window every hour or going to the porch.

8. Respect a digestion time

It’s better to digest from bed to digest well! In the digestive phase, however, the body consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, you can feel a little tired within an hour of eating. However, if you sleep as soon as you finish eating, your meal’s digestion slows down, and you can be emptied. It is best to wait more than an hour after dinner before going to bed.

9. And why not soft medicine?

Fatigue is a plague that is closely linked to lack of sleep. To combat it, it is necessary to make the necessary sleep side. One possible solution for this is the practice of alternative medicine. You can choose from reflexology, aromatherapy, yoga and other activities that promote the production of serotonin (the hormone that promotes sleep). Also, walk for at least 30 minutes daily.

10. Do you use vitamins?

Your permanent fatigue can also be explained by a lack of vitamins. To combat these inconveniences, you can perform a multivitamin cure. In fact, dietary supplements are made to help fight disease, deficiencies and other forms of ill health. However, before starting this business, consult a doctor. Only the specialist can guide you to the right nutritional supplements. Be careful, taking supplements does not exclude the use of whole foods.

11. Avoid nibbling

As mentioned earlier, digestion is an activity that tires the body. In order to avoid running out of water during the day, the digestive phases must be limited. To eat full meals and avoid nibbles. You should also avoid skipping meals to limit your cravings for snacks. However, you can divide your meals into 6 and take 6 small meals a day. Be careful, here you have to think in small portions.

12. Move!

If you are sedentary, you will get tired faster. Your muscles can relax and the entire body. Try to activate to avoid fatigue. It is best to exercise in the morning with an empty stomach; Walk on foot, do a 30-minute session with your stepper, elliptical trainer or treadmill. Also, try to walk as much as possible to get to work.

13. Say yes to the light therapy

For those who have the opportunity, start with light therapy. This gentle medicine helps to strengthen the body and the body in general. You can invest in a light shower column or in a simple light therapy device. In any case, the option of the shower column could be the best, because the combined water and light will give the body more vitality.

14. Squeeze out lemons

Vitamin C is the anti-fatigue vitamin par excellence. If you do not want to take any vitamin supplements, you can replace the intake by pressing two lemons a day in one liter of water. This lemon water is consumed throughout the day to give you all the tone you would have. Be careful, the water should not be too hot, as it may affect the quality of vitamin C. Pull bottled water into the boiled water.

15. Check

If you have really tried everything without notice, you should see a doctor. In fact, your state of permanent fatigue may be associated with a different pathology. In this case, the root problem is treated. Preferably, ask your family doctor to refer you to an expert so early when the case is hard to master. This will allow you to claim your refund, but you will also be able to restore a good state of health more easily.

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