Simple and effective tips to gain weight

How to gain weight safely

Although most people want to lose weight, some people experience the opposite situation: they want to gain weight quickly. This can be explained in several ways. Some want to maintain a weight to stay fit and healthy, while for others gaining weight is really vital. So how do you gain weight quickly and effectively?

Eat the right foods

To gain weight, it is strongly recommended to eat well. This amounts to favoring quality over quantity. To do this, practice a high calorie diet with high calorie foods. The basis of this diet is to increase your energy intake and at the same time decrease calorie expenditure. This will then allow you to achieve a normal Body Mass Index (BMI).

Among the foods richest in calories, we can mention: brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pasta, etc. Oily fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines are also a priority. Likewise, meats, eggs as well as fruits and seeds are very important. Never forget that even if you want to gain weight, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle and therefore, eat healthy and balanced.

Don’t limit yourself to three meals a day

If you really want to gain weight, then you shouldn’t limit yourself to three meals a day. This is because you need to increase the number of meals you eat. It is even recommended to go from three to five meals. Be careful, this does not mean that you will have a real menu five times a day. No, the goal here is to eat three meals and two snacks to distribute throughout the day.

Always carry something to snack on: a packet of dried fruit, raisins, nuts, fruit, yogurt, etc. This will then help you maintain the expected energy intake. If you feel uncomfortable bringing fruit to the office, you can make a smoothie out of it. The latter will keep all the nutrients of the fruit in question.

Engage in physical activity

Physical activity isn’t just for people who want to lose weight. In fact, even if you want to gain weight, you should also engage in moderate intensity physical activity. Playing sports will allow excess calories to flow to your muscles, not your fat cells. For this, you can go to a gym and lift weights two to four times a week.

Besides strength training, you can also do cardio exercises, but not in excess. Once a week should be enough. Indeed, if you do excess cardio, you risk burning more calories than expected, losing weight and therefore losing your goal in sight. The cardio exercises that you are going to do will simply help you improve your well-being and your physical condition.

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