The incredible life of Celine Dion

Celine Dion, one of the biggest singers in the pop music industry, is an award-winning recording artist. She also enchanted the world with her breathtaking voice and her fighter attitude.

His life is very dynamic

Everywhere Celine Dion went, drama quickly reigned. This fact remains relevant to this day, with these new monster surprises that life has imposed on him. Céline had to learn to balance her enormous success, her forbidden love affair and her recurring health problems – all while facing many obstacles.

Her husband's diagnosis

Nothing prepared Céline for the news she would hear about her husband in the late 90s. In 1999, René was actually diagnosed with throat cancer. Over time, he lost his basic abilities. Céline, in addition to being his wife and the mother of his children, was also forced to play nurse. The dynamic of the relationship has certainly transformed because of René's health. She did everything in her power to take care of him and ensure he had the best quality of life.

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