Mom’s life: combining baby and work

Work and home life balance for moms

Becoming a parent, especially becoming a mother, is one of the most beautiful things on this earth. However, devoting 100% of the time to motherhood is not always the desire of all mothers. Working moms do not often know where to turn and how to manage their child and their job simultaneously.

Being a mother can be hard when you have to combine your family and work life. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the many things that need to get done. You must take some time for yourself often! So here are some tips to help you have a fulfilling life as a working mom.

Keep a calendar for tasks

For a mother to be fully fulfilled at home, everything must be well organized. To do this, it is more than important to keep a family calendar and stick to it. For household chores, you can distribute them among all family members.

Everyone should get their hands dirty to make sure everything goes smoothly and quickly. You can even involve your child from an early age so they can learn about responsibility. You can, for example, teach them to put all the clean socks in one place, etc.

Keep a calendar for various events

As moms, we often tend to get scattered quickly. We sometimes forget the parents’ meetings, the birthdays which the child must attend, etc. To remedy this, nothing like a family calendar. Each weekend, take the time to summarize all the events you and/or your children will be attending. 

Bring the whole family together and take each event point by point. Who will take care of leading the child to such an event? Who will take care of buying such and such a thing for X event? Deciding this will significantly facilitate your family life.

Shop online and cook ahead

Between family and professional life, we do not always have time to do our shopping properly. The solution is to shop online. Opt for fruit and vegetable baskets dedicated to families. Having it delivered will save you much more time.

When you get your groceries, try to cook everything ahead of time. For example, you can prepare everything on weekends and freeze meals. If you have a baby, prepare the purees ahead of time, divide them into portions, then freeze them. You can also prepare family meals in advance and reheat them at mealtime.

Calling on outside help

Even if you want to manage everything yourself to do well, it is not always advisable. As humans, we all need help at some point in our lives. So do not hesitate to call on outside help: nanny, housekeeper, nursery or other leisure centers, etc.

Calling on third parties will allow you to combine family and professional life properly. Having a trusted nanny or sending your child to the nursery will help you focus more when you get to work. By doing, you will have less stress, more productivity and guaranteed fulfillment.

Take time for yourself

It is also imperative that you take time for yourself. To avoid feeling stressed and yelling at everyone, there’s nothing like feeling good about your head and body. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to do something you like: read, drink a good coffee, hang out or just rest.

The mental load must be seen very closely because it can be a source of conflict or even depression in the long run. Taking time for yourself is essential to free yourself from the daily rhythm and to decompress. Most importantly: don’t beat yourself up by taking time for yourself; it is for the good of all!

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