In 1676 schreef een bezeten non een boodschap van de duivel op. Nu is de schokkende brief vertaald

After awakening from her demonic reverie – so the legend goes – Sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione was completely smeared with ink. During the night, she got hold of a bizarre letter scribbled with mysterious characters. In addition, the nun apparently claimed that the devil himself dictated the message to her a secret message to God. The document is still in the monastery today and until recently no one was able to crack the secret message

The island of Sicily, where Sister Maria took spiritual refuge, is a place of deep-rooted Christian traditions. In fact, Saint Paul is said to have preached here nearly two millennia ago. But where Christ is, there is probably also Satan, because the eternal struggle between good and evil is a basic principle of Christian teaching. In the vision of the seer John, the archangel Michael defeats the devil in the form of a dragon and casts him down to earth.

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